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Iconic hair: 1940’s Ladies

I scroll through Instagram in absolute awe at some of the hairstyles I see. The talent (and patience!) is so impressive it’s unreal. I daydream about having a beautiful, glossy set that doesn’t lose shape whilst looking completely effortless. Then I remember I’ve got about three strands of hair that frizz up at the mention of rain. Good thing I live in England then… Anyway, enough moaning! Here’s some iconic ladies styles of the 1940’s!



Veronica Lake
I couldn’t put a 40’s hair post together and not mention Veronica Lake could I? Her hair was long and wavy with her trademark sultry peek-a-boo in the front. The hairstyle was all one length and had natural looking movement. This would be a great style for anyone who wants a vintage feel to their hair without losing any length.



rita hayworth

Rita Hayworth
Rita Hayworth was an absolute beauty. Despite naturally having black hair, she was well known for her red locks. Her hair was shoulder length when styles and had deep set waves. The front section of hair was pulled over to one side so the waves framed her face. A great choice if you’ve thick hair that tends to have a mind of it’s own!



judy garland

Judy Garland
Judy’s 40’s hair was one of the most fashionable styles of the time. The mid-length curls were brushed into place to give them volume but with a smooth finish. This is the most polished of the styles and is actually really great for thinner, finer hair. Brushing out a set with a bristle brush is a great way to create volume!



joan crawford

Joan Crawford
Joan’s dark and fluffy mid-length curls are beautiful! Unlike other famous styles of the time that saw hair all being one length, this had a sweeping side fringe that was styled to frame the face. This style had plenty of body and volume that oozes vintage glamour. Her style is perfect for curly haired gals and ladies who love a fringe.


That’s enough hair envy for one night…

What’s your favourite 1940’s style?

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