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Iconic hair: 1950’s ladies

I recently posted about iconic women’s hairstyles of the 1940’s which included some hair goddesses like Veronica Lake and Joan Crawford.  This week it’s the turn of the 1950’s and some of my favourites!

Elizabeth Taylor
The Italian cut was incredibly popular during the early half of the 1950’s and became a signature style for Elizabeth Taylor. While this is a more carefree style it does require frequent maintenance to maintain the layers and sculpted shape. The soft curls can be pulled around the face and forehead to soften the look which was preferred by actress Dorothy Dandridge. This is a great choice for ladies who prefer shorter styles and waves.



Grace Kelly
The 1950’s pageboy is known for its sleek and glossy finish. It can be worn fairly short but was mostly seen at a shoulder length. Instead of multiple waves and curls, this styles moves in the same direction and usually tucks underneath rather than away in a flick. The pageboy is perfect for those who prefer straighter vintage hair.



Lucille Ball
The Poodle Cut was another very popular style of the 1950’s and was made famous by actresses like Lucille Ball and Faye Emerson. The hair was very tightly permed so it could be styled quickly and easily. Lucille completed her fiery red Poodle Cut with a short fringe. A great choice if you’re looking for curls in your vintage style! This look can be recreated with long hair by curling and pinning on top of the head.



Audrey Hepburn
I know, I know… another Audrey post (sorry not sorry)! But she did make the gamine crop cuts famous. It was a stark contrast to the feminine waves and mid lengths that every leading lady had at the time. If you’re a fan of beatnik fashion and classic clothing cuts, this is a great style for you!


What’s your favourite 50’s hairstyle?


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