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Cruelty Free: LUSH

While there is plenty of vintage makeup and skincare still on the market, like Pears soap and Ponds Cold Cream, they’re often produced by manufacturers who test on animals. I steer well clear of cruel products and only ever buy from brands I can trust. No lipstick is worth harming an animal for!

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makeup 1910 - 1950
Cosmetics, Fashion, Vintage

Makeup over the decades: 1910 – 1950

I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to makeup and have quite a collection going. I buy everything with the intention of using it to boost my makeup in some way (whatever justifies buying it!), but I’m stuck in a total rut at the moment.

In my hunt for a new and improved look, I’ve put together a list of makeup trends across the decades to help get me inspired! I hope find it useful too!

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vintage makeup mastery
Cosmetics, Fashion, Vintage

Vintage makeup mastery

Makeup has always been a huge part of fashion and style. Like the the pencil-thin brows of the 1930’s and the exaggerated lashes and pastel pops of the 1960’s, each decade had it’s own unique makeup looks that are easy to spot.

I did a little digging to see if the starlets of the time had any tips and tricks we could use today – lucky for us there’s plenty!

These are three of my favourites…

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Wish you were here
Cosmetics, Fashion, Reproduction, Vintage

#1 Wish you were here…

I spend a lot of time looking at clothes. I’m the kind of magpie who adds everything they like to the cart before remembering that the rent’s due and there’s no food in the house! Unfortunately for me, this means I’m reduced to being a window shopper 99% of the time!

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