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#vintage: Ashley Montgomery

Instagram has been such a huge part of my jump into vintage fashion. I’ve found so many lovely ladies and gents that inspire me on a daily basis. I love scrolling through my feed and seeing what everyone is up to and what they’re wearing.

It’s such a great community and everyone is always happy to chat and to give advice. I want to be part of making this community grow and spread the love 🙂

So in this series I’ll be interviewing Instagrammers I follow to see what inspires them and who they look up to. It just might help you find some new faces to follow!

Today’s lovely lady is Ashley Montgomery at @ashliabelle

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forties tops
Fashion, Reproduction, Vintage

Forties Tops

I live in jeans and trousers. Unfortunately that does mean dresses are few and far between, but luckily for me, I do get to wear lots of pretty tops.

I recently posted about my favourite tops of the 1950’s, so here are a few of my favourite tops of the 1940’s!
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Wish you were here
Cosmetics, Fashion, Reproduction, Vintage

#1 Wish you were here…

I spend a lot of time looking at clothes. I’m the kind of magpie who adds everything they like to the cart before remembering that the rent’s due and there’s no food in the house! Unfortunately for me, this means I’m reduced to being a window shopper 99% of the time!

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Fifties Tops
Fashion, Reproduction, Vintage

Fifties Tops

When I was first dipping my toes into mid-century style I found shopping really frustrating. Tops were too long, trousers where too low and nothing fit like I wanted it to. I had photo albums full of outfits I wanted to replicate but absolutely no clue what I was actually looking for. I needed to get my head out of high-street shopping mode and do some research! Continue Reading