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Cruelty Free: LUSH

While there is plenty of vintage makeup and skincare still on the market, like Pears soap and Ponds Cold Cream, they’re often produced by manufacturers who test on animals. I steer well clear of cruel products and only ever buy from brands I can trust. No lipstick is worth harming an animal for!

As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more conscious about looking after my skin and caring about what I put on it. Before I would pick up whatever was on offer in Boots without really thinking about what was in it or where it came from. Nowadays I read labels, Google everything and try to listen to what my skin is saying (which sounds mental I know…).

I’ve got the most temperamental combination skin! The t-zone is usually shining brighter than the sun by 11am and any dry patches are dry – D.R.Y. I long for smooth, glowy skin where the pores aren’t the size of craters and where spots don’t pop up to say hi at the most awkward moments… but oh well, you play the cards you’re dealt!

Over the past year I’ve developed a bit of a love affair with LUSH. I’ve never been disappointed with their skin and haircare and have found a few firm favourites that I go back to time and time again. A big plus with LUSH is that the black pots are reused and recycled – take 5 pots back and you get a free face mask.



Let the good times roll

I’m on my 4th pot of this stuff so I guess I must really like it! I use this cleanser during the morning shower to mop up any oil and left over makeup that is firmly stuck on my face. It definitely helps get my skin ready to deal with a day of wearing makeup.

It’s a fairly thick consistency but melts when you start rubbing it into the skin. There are tiny grains of polenta in the mix that help lightly exfoliate but these don’t feel harsh at all. I think it’d be a great choice for someone who battles with sensitive skin that turns a lobster shade at the mere sight of an exfoliator!

This cleanser smells beautiful! It’s like a rich buttery popcorn that’s good enough to eat. It definitely makes cleaning my skin much more interesting.

You can buy it here





If you shave your legs you know how boring and unrewarding the process is. All that effort for 5 minutes of peace then BOOM, the stubble starts again…

I started using D’Fluff about 6 months and I still really love it. I scoop a little out of the pot and smooth it over my legs before shaving like normal. It definitely moisturises the skin and makes that stubble-free feeling last much longer. The pot isn’t huge so I thought I’d bomb my way through it in a couple of weeks but surprisingly a little really does go a long way!

The strawberry smell is very faint but natural. There’s nothing I hate more in a shower product than that fake, overpowering fruit smell, so this perfect!

You can buy it here





The charcoal in this soap is an excellent oil absorber and really gets the dirt out of the pores. If I use it too often it can make my skin feel quite dry and tight so I tend to only use this a couple of times a week or when my skin is feeling particularly icky.

This is my newest LUSH purchase. I’ve had it for about a couple of months now and it looks like it’s barely been touched. I lather the soap in my hands and then rub it into damp skin before washing off with a flannel and cold water.  Initially I thought it was fairly pricey for the size, but this is going to last me a looooong time!

If you have oilier than oily skin this is a great choice for you!

You can buy it here





I’ve tried a lot of the LUSH solid shampoo bars and this is my favourite one of the bunch so far!

My hair is very fine and thin so it can get oily quite quickly. The sea salt in this really does absorb the excess oils and stops my hair from looking to greasy throughout the day.

I wash my hair everyday. I know… I’m awful, but we are where we are. I use this one day and the LUSH Trichomania shampoo the next. I think if I used Seanik everyday it’d be too drying for my hair and potentially make it greasier. A great shampoo but one you definitely don’t want to over use!

I really love that the shampoo bars come without packaging as it means there’s literally no waste!  I just rinse off any bubbles on the bar once I’m done and pop it on a little soap dish to dry.

You can buy it here





Once a week I massage this through the roots of my hair and rinse off after about 20 minutes. I LOVE it.

I’m really abusive to my hair with heat styling and over-washing and this just makes it feel so soft and moisturised like I’ve never mistreated it at all!

I usually find conditioners too heavy and oily for my roots but this is surprisingly light feeling. The menthol leaves my hair feeling very fresh and clean while the moisturising oils stop it from drying out. I really love this stuff and would recommend it for anyone who feels the frustration of thin and fine hair!

You can buy it here



What’s your favourite LUSH product? Which one from my favourites would you try?

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