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Forties Tops

I live in jeans and trousers. Unfortunately that does mean dresses are few and far between, but luckily for me, I do get to wear lots of pretty tops.

I recently posted about my favourite tops of the 1950’s, so here are a few of my favourite tops of the 1940’s!


40's peasant blouseThe peasant blouse was a thin and floaty top that was often cropped. Sometimes these came in block colours, but they were usually a white cotton with colourful embroidery. The modern reproductions are mostly off the shoulder but the everyday peasant blouses of the time tended to have square or rounded necklines. This style was made fashionable by latin film stars.


40s lace topThis style gained in popularity once war-time restrictions were dropped. Clothing didn’t need to be factory-efficient and practical anymore so it allowed for detailing like lace inserts, pleats and bows. The cream/white lace blouses were inspired by the Victorian era and were usually buttoned up or high-neck.


40s BlouseUnlike the ultra-feminine blouses of the 50’s, the standard early 40’s blouse was based on mens dress shirts. The simple cut had minimal pockets and pointed collars that complied with the rationing of the time. The shoulders were usually puffed or padded to offset the boxy shape of the blouse but this disappeared by the 1950’s.

Your favourite style not on the list? Tell me more!

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