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Fringes & Bangs

The mid-century was home to victory rolls, sweeping curls and hair they generally moved away from the face. While these are styles I absolutely love, I don’t really have the hairline for them! I’ve got very fine hair and a weak hairline that is basically baby-hair HQ… As an alternative, I opted for a short Audrey-esque side fringe that hides the bits I’m conscious about.

If you’re looking for a vintage inspired fringe or retro looking bangs, I’ve put together a list of a few of my favourites to get you inspired!


Bettie-PageBettie Page
Starting with one of the more famous fringes on the list, Bettie Page is now just as famous for her hair as she is for… other things. The ‘Bettie bang’ is great for thicker hair and looks just as good with hair that’s down as it does with an up-do. If you need more full-fringe inspiration, check out Juliette Gréco!


Paulette GoddardPaulette Goddard
Paulette’s fuller fringe had height and natural movement that makes it a great choice for wavy haired gals. The length means that you could style it into a sweeping fringe, pull it away from the face or turn it into victory rolls – great if you like to play around with styles!


Lucille-BallLucille Ball
Lucille Ball’s signature was her fiery poodle perm and classic red lips. She would rest her curls on top of her head and bring them forward to create focus around her forehead. This is great if you’ve got curly hair or if you want the effect of a fringe but without the commitment of cutting your hair!


Dorothy-DandridgeDorothy Dandridge
I’ve got a really soft spot for Dorothy Dandridge. She’s definitely up there on my list of favourite vintage ladies. Like the poodle perm, this is another great alternative to a fringe. It’s got a bit of coverage around the sides, which is great for ladies like me with a weaker hair-line, and it’s very soft and pretty.


Barbara StanwyckBarbara Stanwyck
If you’re a fan of the Bettie bang but you don’t want the length, Barbara Stanwyck may be more your thing! Her short fringe was rolled for height and smoothed for a perfect finish. This is a style that works for gals who want something vintage inspired but with a unique twist.


Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn
Audrey was a bit of a rule-breaker when it came to fashion and style. Her short fringe was her trademark and is a great option if you want something that’s fairly low maintenance (well, except the frequent trims…) and that works with your hair up or down. It’s a very flattering style that suits a lot of people!


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