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#vintage: Ashley Montgomery

Instagram has been such a huge part of my jump into vintage fashion. I’ve found so many lovely ladies and gents that inspire me on a daily basis. I love scrolling through my feed and seeing what everyone is up to and what they’re wearing.

It’s such a great community and everyone is always happy to chat and to give advice. I want to be part of making this community grow and spread the love 🙂

So in this series I’ll be interviewing Instagrammers I follow to see what inspires them and who they look up to. It just might help you find some new faces to follow!

Today’s lovely lady is Ashley Montgomery at @ashliabelle

Hey Ashley! Tell me a little about yourself.
I am a 31 year old mom and wife! I currently live in Plano, TX and work as an executive assistant for an insurance company. We drive a 52 Ford Victoria. I love cooking, makeup, going to the movies, reading comic books and literature, and going to see great music!

What first sparked your interest in vintage fashion?
Going to my very first car show. It was The Invasion in 2012 – one of the biggest shows in Dallas. One of my girlfriends did my hair but I wore my then boyfriend/now husband’s car club t-shirt at the time. I saw the gals walking around and thought – they are gorgeous! I could look like that! And here we are haha

Do you remember what your first vintage/vintage inspired/reproduction piece was?
It was a cat print swing dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. I love cats so it was the perfect first piece to an ever-growing collection!

What’s your current favourite item in your wardrobe?
I love my pinstriped purses I got from our recent car event! Pinstriping by Chubby did them. I may have to get a pair of shoes next time I see his booth…


You post a lot of colourful and creative makeup looks on Instagram, but if you could only keep three items from your makeup bag what would they be?
Oh man this is tough! I have to say there are four things that are staples for me. I always have lipstick on me at all times, so I would say a great red lipstick. Milani’s Color Statement Matte Lipstick in Kiss is a great hot red and my most loved. A great foundation and setting powder is key too. I have been loving the Besame Stick Foundation (I am in the shade Bisque). My go-to setting powder is Coty Airspun Extra Translucent Powder. Lastly a good long lasting liquid eyeliner that doesn’t transfer on hooded eyes. I use the NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner – I love the brush applicator. If I was stuck on a desert island with these four things my face would be set haha.

Do you have any style heroes?
There are so many great people to follow on Instagram! Thechubbiestbunny, cocodarling, pickledhellbomb, kirstiemydear, cruelmistress,, miss.june.rebel, laurenloveserik, hollandschmeisje, vintage_grandma61, pinup_is_my_prozac, angelcupcake74, androgynous_pinup, worldwarsue, raven_rose_retro, among so many more. Besame’s Instagram page is amazing as well. Micheline Pitt is my favorite famous model and clothes designer and I also love Miss Victory Violet and Doris Mayday. Audrey Hepburn definitely influences my glam side. And of course some of my fabulous friends here in Dallas – Twiggy Kensington, Amanda Douglas, Ashley Head, Hellcat Honey, Raquel Vega, Cary Adams, Sara Bell and Kirsten Watts, Dolce Douleur, Bobbi Gibson, Casandra Payne – to name just a couple… shoutout to those awesome ladies who always keep me inspired!

Wearing vintage inspired fashion tends to get odd looks, finger pointing and the occasional laugh, do you experience this at all? How do you deal with it?
Haha I get a ton of compliments and I’m the only one in my office building that looks this way. I say thank you and let them know where I got it if they are interested!

Any words of advice for anyone who is considering vintage style?
It’s super easy and not as expensive as one may think! Amazon has a lot of great affordable options if you want to start getting a few pieces together. Get a red bandana, a hair flower, roll up your jeans, get some patent pointed toe heels, a plaid top and a polka dot dress and you are pretty much there!


Thank you Ashley 🙂

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