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#vintage: Alexandra

Another week and another lovely Instagram gal I had the pleasure of interviewing. Warm welcomes all round for Alexandra at @fortiesandfreckles

Hi Alexandra! Tell me a little about yourself.
I’m 27, born and raised in Virginia, but only occasionally refer to myself as a southerner. I enjoy baking, crocheting, felting, and any other artsy-crafty hobby you could imagine.

What first sparked your interest in vintage fashion?
My Dad is probably the main reason that I love vintage. He used to always stop by antique shops whenever we took trips. I learned early on the importance of “look, don’t touch” haha. But from those experiences I gained respect for things from the past. Even when I was very young I had a 1940’s Girl Scout uniform that I proudly wore to every den meeting. I also sported vintage bowling shirts during my Saturday morning bowling league.

Do you remember what your first vintage/vintage inspired/reproduction piece was?
I guess I’ll fast forward to when I started dressing in vintage as an adult, since I had many pieces as a child as well. My first pieces were a set of day dresses that I purchased from a local vintage clothing store. They were all the same cut and had similar, delicate floral patterns. I wore those NON-STOP for a few months, since I really didn’t own any other pieces. They definitely have a special place in my heart.


What’s your current favourite item in your wardrobe?
My favorite items in my wardrobe right now would have to be the two coats I recently scored at my Goodwill. I had been searching online for coats during the summer, since it’s the one article I was lacking, but was having a hard time justifying the prices. Then, out of nowhere, I found two vintage coats at my Goodwill. I was so surprised and happy. I love a good deal and when I get to help my community in the process, it’s even better.

Your Instagram page is full of 40’s inspired outfits from dresses to work-wear, what appeals to you most about the fashion of the 40’s?
So there are definitely two styles of 40’s fashion. You have the Old Hollywood glamour aspect of the 40’s, with rich velvet, hand-sewn beads and gorgeous rayon prints. There there is the everyday style, which is more about functionality. I prefer the homemade cotton day dresses and jeans/overall mainly because the lines flatter my figure and I like being comfortable 🙂

Do you have any style heroes?
I often look to vintage ads and photography when I’m trying to get inspiration for outfits. I like seeing how everyday women from the 40’s and 50s’ dressed, and those women are the real heroes, at least for me.


Wearing vintage inspired fashion tends to get odd looks, finger pointing and the occasional laugh, do you experience this at all? How do you deal with it?
Everyone I’ve encountered is usually just curious in their looks and questions. I think I get the best reaction from kids, simply because they don’t understand the concept of vintage fashion. I live in a city that is known for its citizens dressing differently, so I luckily haven’t had any unpleasant experiences.

Any words of advice for anyone who is considering vintage style?
I would say that it’s okay to not have a definitive “style” at first. I think fashion should ultimately be an expression of who you are, but it may take a while to find what makes YOU feel like YOU. Your style can change and evolve, and that process is part of the fun. Also, Goodwill. I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, but Goodwill is my best friend.

Thank you Alexandra 🙂

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