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#vintage: Hannah

For today’s #vintage I’ve been speaking to the very lovely and very smiley Hannah Jackson from @nooneknows_itsyou_missjackson

Hi Hannah! Tell me a little about yourself.
My name is Hannah, I live in the United States, I have three dogs (all with moustaches) and two sisters. I am in high school and am a member of my schools marching band. I love to sew and hunt down vintage things at local flea markets and antiques shops.

What first sparked your interest in vintage fashion?
Never in my life had I followed mainstream styles. For as long as I have been dressing myself I have been going off in my own direction stylistically. Around 2015 I found @rachel_maksy on Instagram and fell in love with her style but didn’t think there were too many other people or accounts like hers.

Soon my explore page populated with a few more vintage accounts and I followed those too. After a while on one of Rachel’s posts she mentioned how tight-knit the vintage community on Instagram was and I started finding and looking at all of those vintage accounts. It got to the point (very quickly, I might add) that I was like ya know, I could probably do this if I wanted to. So I started challenging myself  to combine my somewhat modern pieces in such a way that I looked “vintage”. I slowly started learning how to do my hair and what to look for in clothing.

It was a slow process don’t get my wrong. I cringe at the outfit pictures I have from this time last year but I had fun finding myself and my style along the way.


Do you remember what your first vintage/vintage inspired/reproduction piece was?
I do, it is a handmade true vintage party gown that I found on a family vacation in Indiana. It had some damage but it fit me perfectly and there was something about it that I really loved.

In the beginning when I would wear it I didn’t do much with my hair and my accessories didn’t match the period of the dress at all. I thought I looked great but looking back it hurts me that I didn’t feel the need to do my hair and makeup in such a way to match the vintage feel of the dress.

What’s your current favourite item in your wardrobe?
Oh goodness that is such a difficult question. I think my favourite item is the 1920’s bedsheets dress I just finished making. I feel really proud of the way it turned out, especially because it was such a long road getting there. The fabric and original embroidery are so beautiful it just makes me really happy to look at it.

Your Instagram is packed full of daily outfit posts that show your eclectic and creative style. What inspires your style? Where do you like to shop?
I never really stopped and considered what it was that inspired my style, that’s a good question.

I think it’s the way of living in the 40’s and 50’s that inspires me. Some days I strive to be very authentic and some days I just like my mild retro vibes. A lot of vintage people tend to stay on one side or the other but I sort of swing wildly in-between the two.

When I’m looking for clothing I really love to shop at Goodwill (an American non-profit organization that provides training and employment placement for people who have barriers that otherwise prevent them from obtaining a job) and the Salvation Army (which is charitable international religious organization) stores in my area.

If I’m looking for vintage jewelry, hats, purses, scarves or decorations I always go to my local flea market first. The vendors know me and my family specifically because some or all of us come every week dressed up in assortment of vintage


Do you have any style heroes?
I don’t know that I have anyone I just diehard look up to style wise. I look up to Rachel as I said before because she was the reason I found the rest of the vintage community and then started dressing vintage.

I am grateful to my mother for always supporting my often wild sense of style and learning and growing right there beside me. And especially for sharing closets with me.

Wearing vintage inspired fashion tends to get odd looks, finger pointing and the occasional laugh, do you experience this at all? How do you deal with it?
I very rarely get negative attention toward my style, I verbally get a lot of questions about how long I spend getting ready in the morning or where I get my clothes. My favourite reactions are the shock and awe that comes from passers by when I’m in a vintage setting. I once was walking through an antique mall and a man in front of me did a double take and then slowly whispered “you look like your belong here…!” and it was really fun for me. When people say things like that I feel like I’ve succeeded with that look.

The people at my school (both students and faculty) are all very supportive of my style and I have made many friends (again with both students and faculty) based solely on the way I dress. On the rare occasion I don’t dress vintage people at school ask me if I’m feeling ok or ask if I’m playing a trick on them.

Any words of advice for anyone who is considering vintage style?
Do your homework, spend time studying vintage hair and clothing details. Don’t be afraid to reach out to vintage people within the community and ask questions. And most importantly there’s no wrong way to be vintage, you can absolutely develop your own style within vintage. Don’t feel like you have to be historically accurate all the time if you don’t want to be. Have fun with it.


Thank you Hannah! 🙂

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