vintage makeup mastery
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Vintage makeup mastery

Makeup has always been a huge part of fashion and style. Like the the pencil-thin brows of the 1930’s and the exaggerated lashes and pastel pops of the 1960’s, each decade had it’s own unique makeup looks that are easy to spot.

I did a little digging to see if the starlets of the time had any tips and tricks we could use today – lucky for us there’s plenty!

These are three of my favourites…


marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe
One of the most famous ladies of the mid-century had a very famous signature makeup look. Her red lips and elongated lashes made her the ultimate glamour girl of her time.

Marilyn would run a little line of brown eyeshadow just past her bottom lash line. She would then use a white pencil between this line and her winged liner to create definition. Doing this meant her eyelashes appeared to leave a heavier shadow which added to her sultry/sleepy eyed look.


sophia loren

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren was well known for her unique cat eyes.

Her trick was to draw her eyeliner at an upward angle, past both the top and bottom lash lines, and fill in the space with a nude/white pencil. This made her eyes look bigger and more of an almond shape. She would often stick her false eyelashes along this line rather than her natural eye line to help exaggerate the effect.


audrey hepburn

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey was well known for her full and thick eyebrows, but she had a very unique way of applying lipstick.

She would over-draw and extend her top lip past her bottom lip using lip liner before filling in with lipstick. While traditional over-lining of your lips helps make them look fuller, this trick will make your lips look fuller and your mouth appear wider.

Audrey also used to draw her cupids bow on deeper than it’s natural line. This adds extra dimension to the lips that aids in making them look fuller.


What are your favourite vintage makeup tricks?


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